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It's A Monster Mash!

The homebrew club that would become the Malt Munching Mash Monsters first met on December 21, 2008 when three homebrewers started a yahoo group named "ShreveportBossierHomeBrew". Word of the new club spread, and the group held its first meeting March 10, 2009 with eight members present. At the April 2009 meeting "Malt Munching Mash Monsters" was chosen as the groupís name, Michael Nealy was installed as club president, and the group met with a reporter from The Shreveport Times who featured the club in a full page article on April 23. Since then the club has grown to over 40 members who meet monthly to discuss club business, present informative talks about the brewing process and ingredients, and share homebrewed beer.

Although young by AHA standards the group has made a significant impact on the Northwest Louisiana homebrew scene. They have been featured several times in the local newspaper, they served 45 gallons of their beer at the first annual Shreveport BREW beer festival and have attracted homebrewers from as far away as 90 miles to their National Homebrew Day - Big Brew and and Teach A Friend To Brew events. They secured a sponsor for, and led in the support of, Louisiana House Bill 1484 which was signed into law by Governor Jindal on July 6, 2010, and which statutorily recognizes homebrewing in Louisiana and permits the transportation and serving of homebrewed beer. They also conducted a Belgian Candi Sugar Experiment to test the contributions of the various commercially available candi sugars which has been featured on The Brewing Network and Basic Brewing Radio.

If you are in the Shreveport/Bossier area feel free to contact the group by e-mail to info@maltmunchingmashmonsters.com, or call (318) 759-POUR, and they will be glad to meet you and share a beer.

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