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A Mini-Keg How-(Not)-To

Or... excuse me, I think there's something in my beer!

Moodybrew (Steve W) uses Bittburger 5-liter mini-kegs to keg his beer. I like the idea: They're small, they're cool, and they fit in the fridge.

Here's a pic of the hardware he uses to tap the mini-kegs.

And here's a pic of the Bittburger mini-keg bung.

I couldn't find Bittburger in Shreveport, so I bought a similar Heineken mini-keg and sucked up the $20.00 cost on the assumption that I could use the container to keg my beer. I don't like Heineken that much, but eventually the beer was gone.

Here's a pic of the Heineken tap parts.

And here's a pic of the bung. It looks similar in size to the Bittburger bung, although it's more of a crimp-cap arrangement.

I removed the bung and dip tube taking care not to damage the mini-keg. This is what the parts look like when they have been removed.

The first thing I noticed when I was washing out the mini-keg was that there's a white spray paint can looking thing glued to the inside bottom of the keg!

You can't get the thing out, so I sacrificed the mini-keg, and sawed off the bottom using my jig-saw and a metal cutting blade. This is what I found.

This thing looks very much like a spray paint can. There's some strange looking things under the cap.

When you shake the can, it rattles as though it had beads inside.

Here's a pic of the parts in disassembled state.

With evidence in hand I searched the net. Above is a pic of Heineken's pride and joy - the mini-keg carbonator!

Conclusion: Heineken mini-kegs are not reusable; don't bother to buy one unless you're really into Heineken lager.

There was, indeed, something in my beer.

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Photos by Charlie.

20090602, C2.