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Patti's Malt Munching Mash Monsters.

0. The prototype.

I got this from the Chain Chomp critter in the Mario games. The idea was that this guy would be munching on a Maltose molecule. Patti drew up this idea, and then she ran with it.

1. New.

This guy looks so much like the cover of a King Crimson album that it's scary!

2. New.

I love this guy. He perfectly incorporates all the elements I imagined in the design. Except I said he should be purple. I like red better!

3. New.

Stunning! I'm not an artist, but I know what I like.

4. New.

This guy is special. He incorporates all of BayouBrew's ideas. It works!

5. New.

This guy is special too. He's got it all: Air lock, siphon hose, grain, and home brew in hand.

20130316, C2.