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Monsters invited to 2nd Annual Shreveport Brew Fest!

The Monsters have again been invited to the Shreveport Brew Fest. Way to go!

Louisiana HB1484 signed into law by Governor Jindal.

HB1484, which statutorily recognizes homebrewing in Louisiana and permits the transportation and serving of homebrewed beer, was signed into law by Governor Jindal on July 6, 2010. Party!.

MMMMonsters Featured on AHA Website!

April, 2010: The Malt Munching Mash Monsters were the "Club of the Month" on AHA's website in April. It is a great honor for a club as young as ours to be featured anywhere, much less on the greatest homebrewing website of them all. Hurrah!

MMMMonsters Craft Legislation to Legalize Transport of Homebrew!

MMMMonsters club prez Michael Nealy and AHA Director Gary Glass have crafted legislation sponsored by Rep. Patrick Connick, D-Marrero, and Rep. Michael Danahay, D-Sulphur, which will specifically allow the transport of home brewed beer (currently ruled illegal by Louisiana Alcohol Control Board) to registered events and private functions. This legislation will pave the way for national homebrew events to resume in Louisiana.

HB503 in LSU Reveille, by Ben Bourgeois. Proposed House Bill to define home brewing laws, remove reliance on federal law.

Read HB503 on-line at: http://www.legis.state.la.us/billdata/streamdocument.asp?did=684299

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Teach A Friend to Brew Day A Huge Success!

The Monsters held "Teach A Friend to Brew Day" November 6, 2009 from 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM. The event was a huge success with 23 members and guests attending. All-grain and extract brewing was demonstrated, much good homebrew and bar-b-que was consumed, and a good time was had by all.

MMMM Wows Shreveport Brew Fest Crowd!

October 17, 2009. The Monsters set up shop at Shreveport Brew Fest last Saturday and served 45 gallons of their delicious brew. The brews and their creators were:

  • Piper Down Scottish 80/. BayouBrew

  • Stephen's Von Kaiser Kolsch. Shadygrovebrewer

  • Witís End Witbier. BayouBrew

  • Second Summer Blonde Ale. Playapups

  • Ptosis Pale Ale. Positiverpr

  • Tin Pale Ale. Charlie

  • What Would Geoff Brew Porter. Brewmaster

  • St. Paul Porter. Brewdawg

    MMMM Takes Top Spots In State Comp!

    Congrats to BayouBrew and rprpositive on their wins in the 1st Annual Louisiana Only Club Competition May 9th, 2009. Way to go, guys!

    Cream Ales
    1st Charlie Milan - Red Stick Brewmasters
    2nd Christopher Allen - Red Stick Brewmasters
    3rd Charlie Milan - Red Stick Brewmasters

    1st Michael Chanler - MMMM
    2nd John Devillier - Red Stick Brewmasters
    3rd Mark Breaux - DYS

    American Pale Ale
    1st Charlie Milan - Red Stick Brewmasters
    2nd Anthony Gagliano - MKoB
    3rd Christopher Allen - Red Stick Brewmasters

    Irish Red Ales
    1st Kevin Moore - DYS
    2nd Gene Nelson - DYS
    3rd Kevin Moore - DYS

    1st Michael Nealy - MMMM
    2nd Michael Nealy - MMMM
    3rd Mark Breaux - DYS

    Best of Show
    IIPA Michael Chandler - MMMM

    1st Runner up
    American Pale Ale Charlie Milan - Red Stick Brewmasters

    2nd Runner up
    Cream Ale Charlie Milan - Red Stick Brewmasters

    We made The Shreveport Times!

    Melody Brumble's article about our group appeared in the Shreveport Times today. I think that overall it's a pretty good article. I think she should have concentrated more on Mike. My name appears in the article about 100 times!


    20100804. C2.